American Fridge Freezer Buying Guide

If you’re looking to buy a new fridge freezer, in American Style Fridge Freezers, add a stylish touch to any kitchen.

American style fridge freezers are different from most tall fridge freezers as they feature dual doors that open from the middle outwards. This is why they’re sometimes referred to as ‘side by side American fridge freezers’ or a ‘double door fridge freezer’ its doors open out in the middle, with the freezer compartment on the left, the fridge on the right. These are most beneficial because you can place normally used chilled and frozen foods at an appropriate height level, making life much easier for busy families.

American fridge freezers are an excellent choice because of their size and attractive features. Our guide will lead you through everything from the different types and the best features you are looking for.

Choose Your Width

Choose Your Width | Geoffsclub

Choose Your Door Configuration


Two-door is also known as side by side, and it will have both a standing fridge and freezer compartment. The term American-style brings up to a large, double-width fridge freezer with two doors.


A French-style fridge freezer and three doors are similar but laid out like a wardrobe; it has three large freezer drawers beneath the main doors.


The four-door setup has two big double doors at the fridge’s top and a little smaller double door at the fridge’s bottom.

Key Features

Built-in Camera | Geoffsclub

Built-in Camera

Built-in cameras not only capture the pictures of the contents in your fridge but also are connected with your smartphones so that you can see inside your fridge. For example, when you’re shopping, you may want to check your cheese or milk status as well.

Extra Storage Feature | Geoffsclub

Extra Storage Feature

American models often have extra compartments, such as chiller drawers to help keep meat and fish cold, fresh, and secure from the warm air.

Glass Viewing Panels | Geoffsclub

Glass Viewing Panel

American fridge freezers come with glass panels to see what’s inside without opening the door. Some models will light up the fridge when you touch the glass panel & let you see easily without the cooling leakage.

Twin Cooling Systems | Geoffsclub

Twin Cooling System

Some have a separate fridge and freezing cooling compartments that help keep moisture in the fridge and minimize food dehydration, which is good for preserving food with high water content like salad. 

Water and Ice-dispensers | Geoffsclub

Water and Ice-dispenser

The water dispenser has an angled water delivery so you can refill your glass with ease, without any drips. Ice dispensers mean you’ll always have ice on hand to chill up your drinks.

Door-in-Door Storage | Geoffsclub

Door-in-Door Storage

American style models have a door within a door. This door opens to another section within the compartment for all your favorite items. With this feature, you’ll save energy, and less frequently used items will stay fresher for a longer time.

Special Air Flow Cooling | Geoffsclub

Special Air Flow Cooling

Special Air Flow Cooling supports maintaining an even temperature from top to bottom using multiple holes and will quickly restore the cooling after the door has been opened.

LED & Touchscreen Display | Geoffsclub

LED & Touchscreen Display

Most American-style fridge freezers have an LED and touch screen display, which allows you to adjust the temperature and set any of the special functions without having to open the doors.

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