Desktop Buying Guide

With the growing popularity of gaming laptops and portable workstations, for those who aren’t gaming on the go, a desktop PC always remains the best choice. Without the heating and cooling limitations of a laptop, desktops can control much higher performance parts. 

We know that computing can be hard to choose. There’s a lot of things you have to consider when buying a new computer – how do you know you’re buying the right Desktop? Don’t worry! Our informative buying guide will help you understand the different features, functions, and uses to make sure you pick out the right desktop.

Unlike laptops, the individual components of a desktop PC are readily available to buy and can be easily upgraded or swapped out. As a result, a performance desktop can have a significantly longer life-cycle, as the processor, graphics card, and even the motherboard can be replaced individually.

Types of Desktop PC's

Types of Desktop PCs | Geoffsclub
All-in-one | Geoffsclub


All-in-One PCs combine power and style into a single, convenient design. The desktop is built into the screen &  reduces clutter on the desktop. These systems generally come with wireless keyboards and mice. It means that your computer will consume less space and have a tidy and modern look sat upon your desk.

Tower desktop | Geoffsclub


These desktops are the best solution if you’re caught between aesthetic and performance considerations. Slim or tower PCs are the more traditional style of desktop that sits under your desk or to the side of your monitor & packed into a smaller, slimmer chassis. Some of them come with solid-state drives and/or quiet cooling tools. They have ample space for the latest tech to be packed inside. You might think they’re just for gamers or graphics pros these days, but there are excellent reasons to buy a tower, not the least of which is their price-to-performance ratio.

Gaming Desktop | Geoffsclub


Gaming desktops are still king of the PC mountain. Do you want to have a future-proofed PC that can play triple-A titles with high-end graphics for years to come? Well! These tower PCs with their modern designs and LED lights are best to run your favorite high-ends games due to its powerful processor and ample RAM.

These PCs are easily upgradeable & can do all demanding tasks, as well as these are far more powerful in controlling blockbuster games, streaming channels, and content creation, which is resource-intensive by nature.

Apple Mac | Geoffsclub

Apple Mac

Mac computers are crucial for people who want a premium experience—coming in a smart design. Using the sleek OS system, it gives you a unique desktop experience.

Operating System

Windows 10 | Geoffsclub


If you’ve ever used a PC before, then chances are you’ve used Windows. Windows can be used with a mouse and keyboard. The Windows operating systems allow you to customize the appearance of your desktop & you can change the desktop background and select the default desktop icons within the “Personalization” control panel. Hello, the feature lets you log in quickly using a look or a touch instead of a password. The Windows lets you run several apps and programs simultaneously, as well as lets you spread several programs across the screen, sharing bits of information among them. It also offers an updated task manager, efficient file management, and a suite of built-in apps.

Apple OS

Apple OS is the operating system that powers every Mac. It lets you do things you simply can’t with other computers. That’s because it’s designed specifically for the hardware it runs on — and vice versa. Apple OS comes with an entire suite of exquisitely designed apps. It works hand in hand with iCloud to keep photos, documents, and other stuff up to date on all your devices. It is optimized for design with Photoshop and InDesign, seeing the improved performance. It let your Mac work dreamlike with your iPhone and other Apple devices. And it’s been built from the ground up with privacy and security in mind.

Performance and Specs

If you want high performance from your desktop then you must have the best possible specs for you. But what specs exactly? You must have to consider some areas when deciding on a desktop are the processor, the memory, the storage, and the graphics.


A central processing unit, also called a central processor, main processor, or just processor, is the electronic circuitry within a computer that executes instructions to make up a computer program. The processor is your computer’s brain. It’s working behind-the-scenes to handle every task your computer does. Inside each processor are ‘cores,’ and the general rule is the more cores it has, the more challenging tasks it can control at a time.

Processor for Desktop | Geoffsclub


Intel processors are used to getting the high performance that allows the computer to perform more demanding tasks. Most dominant is the Intel® Core™ series of multicore processors.Core™ i9 processors are their most powerful and are perfect for handling the latest games or video editing software. Core i7 is the best choice for “power users” like hardcore gamers, graphics designers, photographers, and videographers. It excels at serious multitasking and high-demand multimedia creation for projects in 3D or 4K.Core i5: Mid-grade Core processor is influential for most demanding tasksCore i3: The entry-level Core processor is best for web browsing and smooth app use, as well as ideal for streaming music. Pentium & Celeron processors are appropriated for everyday email, internet, and productivity tasks, but their speed and multitasking capabilities are limited as compared to the Core family. You’ll also see on the other end of the spectrum, some high-end and “workstation” desktops may boast Intel Xeon® processors. These super multicore processors are considered for network servers and other specialized proficient applications.

AMD Processor | Geoffsclub


AMD Processors for Desktops For users who want fast responsiveness, amazing entertainment, and advanced processor technology to take advantage of future upgrades like graphics cards. Most of AMD’s processors are APUs (accelerated processing units), which means they are a processor and graphics card in one. That means you can enjoy a high-quality graphical experience without having a separate graphics card. AMD processors are from the Ryzen series. Ryzen series is multicore, and multithreaded processors are best for gamers, professionals, digital content creation, and other power-crazy projects. They give you amazing performance that can keep up with gamers, professionals, and content creators. The performance you need for intensive tasks, including editing and streaming videos, running demanding applications. AMD also provides the FX and A-Series processor families that are perfect for advanced gaming and everyday productivity tasks.

Memory for Desktop | Geoffsclub


Every computing device has RAM, whether it’s a desktop computer (running Windows, macOS, or Linux), a tablet or smartphone, or even a special-purpose computing device (such as a smart TV). Memory is often referred to as RAM (Random-access memory). RAM is one of the most fundamental elements of computing & the super-fast and temporary data storage space that a computer needs to access right now or in the next few moments.

  • 4 GB of RAM: If you’re only browsing the web, working with basic Office applications, and maybe experimenting a bit in personal photo editing, you’ll be fine with 4 GB of memory.
  • 8 GB of RAM: Heavy multitaskers or light gamers should choose a computer with 8 GB of RAM.
  • 16+ GB of RAM: Some tasks are more demanding such as serious gaming, video editing, and programming. “Enthusiast” users who never want to experience slowdowns will need 16+ GB of RAM to be happy.



An HDD is more essential and known as a hard drive; it provides you ample space to store photos, videos, games, and important system data like your operating system. Most of the computers will have a hard drive. The average spin speed of the common hard drive that is used by consumers is estimated to be at 5,400 rpm or 7,200 rpm. Computers or laptops that promise high performance usually have hard drives with an impressive spin speed of 15,000 rpm. Portable devices that are efficient with the energy it consumes usually have hard drives that have a spin speed of 4,200 rpm. A 1TB (terabyte, 1,000 gigabytes) hard drive will allow you to store millions of photos along with plenty of films, games, and much more.


An SSD (solid-state drive) functionally similar to a hard drive does, but it’s much speedy and more durable. An SSD doesn’t have any moving parts, unlike the HDD, so it’s less likely to wear down over time. SSDs are just so much faster for booting Windows and launching your favorite applications.

Storage for Desktop | Geoffsclub

Additional Storage Options

Dual Drives

Dual-drive hybrid systems combine the usage of separate SSD and HDD devices installed on the same computer by the computer user, who manually places more frequently accessed data onto the faster drive. If you want both speed and space, then you must have to opt for Dual drives.

Hybrid Hard Drives

A solid-state drive would be superior in every way, but Hybrid drives are only useful because solid-state drives are still more expensive per GB. If you want both solid-state speeds and a large amount of storage space, having a hybrid drive may be simpler because the drive moves files around for you.

SSHD (Hybrid)

Ever wanted the best of both worlds? Then you need an SSHD (solid-state hybrid drive). Combining the best features of an SSD and HDD, you can get quick and reliable data access while still getting the most storage space possible.

Fusion (Apple)

If you like the sound of a hybrid drive but want an Apple computer, don’t worry. Apple’s Fusion Drive is an iteration of a hybrid drive, featuring a hard disk drive with NAND flash storage as one Core Storage system, and can be found in some iMac and Mac mini models.

Ports and Connectivity

  1. USB Type-A: Connects external drives, gaming controllers, smartphones, MP3 players, and other accessories. Depending on the hardware, it can be capable of either USB-2.0 or USB-3.0 speeds.
  2. USB Type-C: Type-C can transfer files at either USB 3.1 gen 1 (5 Gbps) or USB 3.1 gen 2 (10 Gbps) speeds. It can accept USB Power Delivery (USB-PD), so you can charge your laptop with it. Adapters allow for video as well as backward compatibility with Type-A ports.
  3. HDMI: Connect a monitor, projector, or HDTV.
  4. DisplayPort: Connect a monitor or projector.
  5. Media card slots: Transfer photos or videos directly from the memory card used in your digital camera, camcorder, or smartphone. 
  6. Ethernet: Ethernet cables connect your router for consistent & high speed.


Accessories can add superfluous functions to your computers. Others make your daily work more comfortable or easier. If you want to get high performance, then consider desktops accessories.

Monitor for Desktop | Geoffsclub


An ideal monitor gives you a premium watching experience; you must find the right monitor for you. There are different things you need to consider about the monitor. If you’re looking to get a monitor for common use, for gaming, or creative work monitor with larger screen size is best. In comparison, a higher screen resolution increases the quality of the image. You must have to go for a high refresh rate and a low response time – especially if you’re gaming or working creatively.

Microsoft Office software

Install popular applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for everyday productivity. The software will come pre-installed on every computer and lets you use the desktop as well as most of the desktops with anti-virus protection pre-installed, and software that is useful for both personal and professional use is Microsoft Office – with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and much more.

Microsoft Office Software | Geoffsclub
Keyboards and Mouse for Desktop | Geoffsclub

Keyboard and Mouse

Most desktop computers come with a keyboard and mouse. If you spend all day typing or using the mouse on your computer, you must have to buy a durable, comfortable keyboard and ergonomic mouse to get a better experience, as well as great touch typers or designers who need pixel-perfect precision.

Printer and Scanner

Printers and scanners are an essential part of desktop. Printer, and a scanner is best for official and home use. If you want a clutter-free desktop environment, then go for Wi-Fi connectivity and wireless set up.

Printer and Scanner for Desktop | Geoffsclub
Graphic Card for Desktops | Geoffsclub

Graphic Card

Graphics card with dedicated video memory will enhance your desktop’s visual performance. If you’re a gamer, designer, or video editor, a dedicated graphics card will be needed to give them more power to do more demanding tasks with comfort.

Features We Love

From auto-dosing washing machines to models that use steam to clean your clothes, here are some of features we love.


Most importantly, know what you want to use it for and set aside a realistic budget. This depends on what you want to do on your PC, but you must have to think about the processor, memory, storage, and graphics. If you want a PC for gaming, you need more RAM and a powerful enough graphics card to run certain programs and games. If you’re looking for a PC for general use, you need to focus on the processor and storage space.

Windows and Mac desktops give you a premium experience for different reasons. Windows provide you the best operating system; It good for gaming and daily use and can be easily upgraded. At the same time, Mac computers give you a modern look with a sleek interface. They’re especially well-matched to design and professional work while also being compatible with your other Apple products.

There are most PCs that are perfect for gaming, but some key points you must have to look at before making the purchase. The PC should have at least 8GB of RAM and at least an i5 processor, as this will allow it to run most games. Your graphics card is GeForce or AMD, and you should be able to run most games.

To keep a lot of tabs and applications open at a time, you’ll need a PC that has either an Intel or AMD processor, along with around 4GB of RAM. A hard drive of at least 500GB ensures you will never run out of space while saving your work.

Windows PCs can be ideal for creative work. They are optimized for design with applications such as Photoshop and InDesign, seeing the upgrade performance.

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Discover our favourite products with amazing cutting-edge technology in our featured range

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Discover our favourite products with amazing cutting-edge technology in our featured range

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