Freezer Buying Guide

A dedicated freezer is the best way to free up space and make it easier to keep your favorite food fresh and in an organized form. If you are going to buy an integrated or freestanding freezer model, you need to know what size and the features make your shopping experience easier. Here are the things to look for when buying a freezer.

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Chest Freezers

A chest freezer is the most popular type of freezer, and these are the freezers you’ve been seeing in homes for years. They vary in size from an apartment-sized 3.5 cu.ft. to an extra-large 22 cu.ft. The chest freezer opens like a chest; the door is up. They are wider than long and are better choices for users who need to keep a lot of large or long items frozen. Chest models usually include a set of dividers and hanging baskets, which can help with organization but are easily removed if you need to install larger items.

Upright Freezers

An upright freezer is similar to a fridge, but it has just one door, and the main interior compartment upright freezer takes less floor space and is fairly small and easy to put in a corner. An upright varies in size from a mini 3.5 cu.ft. to a large 20.6 cu.ft, as well as has baskets and shelves designed to hold all of your frozen food.

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Under-counter Freezers

The under-counter freezer is designed to fit well under kitchen cabinets. They are smaller than other models but are useful for storing everyday items as they have slippery drawers for quick access. These are built with high-end components and finishes.

Free Standing

These are the best options if you don’t want a built-in freezer. Freestanding freezers let you put them whenever you want and can easily take one place to another place.

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Integrated or built-in freezers fit easily behind your cabinet door for a trendy look.


Energy Efficiency | Geoffsclub


Look for the freezer that uses low kWh and high star ratings as this will cost less to operate. Normally, a small freezer will use less energy than a large one, but if the freezer has a lot of space, it will also use more energy.

Controls | Geoffsclub


A freezer with easy access to temperature controls is preferred, but it is not accessible to children. You do not want to risk sudden temperature adjustments that will be damaged by stored items.

Frost-free | Geoffsclub


Freezers with the frost-free feature are an easy way for those who want to avoid any storage; removing by hand a large chest freezer can be boring. Frost-free designs also help in areas exposed to temperature fluctuations such as the garage or outdoors.


A bulky freezer can be very difficult to move when filled with frozen materials, so getting a roller or wheels would be a good option as it would take the difficulty of moving the unit around.

Interior Light | Geoffsclub

Interior Lights

Internal lights are helpful as they help illuminate the contents of the freezer for easy search. If you put a freezer in your garage or outdoors, indoor lighting will help those who work at night.

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Flexible Storage

Upright freezer usually comes with storage inside the door and sets up shelves to help when organizing your fridge's items. The chest freezer will have an inner basket on top of the unit, helping keep things accessible.

Drainage | Geoffsclub


The drainage holes under the freezer help defrost and make cleaning easier as ice and water are directed to the arm and outside the unit.

Door and Temperature Alarm | Geoffsclub

Door and Temperature Alarm

Leaving the door open in your fridge, the upright freezer can be dangerous. To help prevent that, many models offer a sound alarm that will alert you if the door is not closed completely or if the temperature rises for any other reason.

Features We Love

From auto-dosing washing machines to models that use steam to clean your clothes, here are some of features we love.


A frost-free freezer has a fan to preserve the cool air inside moving round to stop ice formation.

A built-in freezer fits perfectly behind your kitchen cabinet.

Freezers range in height and width, so check the product size before placing the order.

A chest freezer is a large freezer that opens up from the top and looks like a chest box.

We recommend leaving about 2-5 centimeters of space around your freezer.

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