Fridge Buying Guide

The most used appliance in the home is the fridge, and it will be used for years to come. If you are upgrading to a newer model or buying for the first time, our handy guide lets you know about all types of models and features.

Choose Your Size

Choose Your Size | Geoffsclub


The upright fridge can easily sit in your kitchen cabinets and an ideal choice for medium size houses.

Under Counter

An under counter fridge is a small-sized appliance that is generally under 34-inches in height and fits well underneath your kitchen counters and out of the way.


Mini fridges are smaller, particularly sized fridges. Most mini-fridge is designed to offer many features that a full-size fridge provides, but in an ideal design for small spaces.

Choose Your Style

Free Standing Fridge | Geoffsclub


A freestanding fridge is the most popular appliance that stands upright. They tend to be less expensive than built-in models, and they are considered for easy relocation if you need to move your appliance.


A built-in or integrated fridge is popular for seamless, high-end kitchen design, and it can nicely sit behind a cabinet door.

Integrated | Geoffsclub

Did you know?

Before you spend your money on the fridge appliance, it is very important to know what features you are paying for. The features determine the proficiency of the fridge that it has.

Key Features

Humidity Control Drawers

Many fridges have crisper drawers, with controls for maintaining high humidity levels. Newer models offer a thermostat, which allows the consumer to set certain temperatures that dissolve meat or cold beverages faster. These drawers usually have digital controls that allow direct reading of the temperature in the fridge.

Temperature Control

The temperature control feature allows you to keep all your favorite foods in the finest condition with adjustable temperature and humidity levels that will keep all your food fresher.

LED Display

Some fridges these days have an LED display for smart functions. This display has Wi-Fi connectivity. You can adjust the timing, leave notes, set the fridge, show photos, access recipes online, stream music, and get weather updates, among many other activities.

Adjustable Shelving

Most of the current models feature full shelves that slide back to make enough space for taller items when needed and are easily replaced for storing a tray flat. These adjustable shelves can be easily moved up and down without removing contents.

Automatic Defrosting

Modern models have an automatic defrost system. Automatic defrosting will save you significant time manually removing the ice—no need to worry about turning off the fridge to melt any ice build-up.

Seasonal Mode

Seasonal mode allows you to turn off the freezer without impacting the smooth functioning of the refrigerator compartment. This function is useful when there aren't any food items left for freezing.

Chiller Compartments

Another factor to consider is the chiller compartment. This is similar to a salad crisper but is designed to store meat and fish above freezing point - keeping them as fresh as possible.

Frozen Compartment

Most of the fridge models have a different compartment to freeze the food item. This feature is available in all bigger and smaller appliances.

Anti-bacterial Lining

The anti-bacterial lining keeps your fridge free from bad smell and inhibits the growth of bacteria to keep your lovely food fresh.

Reversible Doors

These fridge doors can be hinged on the left or right side, and a right-hand fridge opens left-to-right with door hinges on the right, while a left-hand fridge opens right-to-left with door hinges on the left. This feature lets you put your fridge wherever you wish.

Door Locks and Alarms

Besides style, another element of the door can influence your decision to buy security, especially in a home with small children. Some refrigerators have alarm systems that run from the doors open for a while. You can see when the child is playing in the fridge, or the door is left open. Such an alarm allows for energy saving because leaving the door open reduces internal temperatures. Locking the door means you don't have to worry about teens eating ice cream without permission or spilling drinks in the fridge.

Features We Love

From auto-dosing washing machines to models that use steam to clean your clothes, here are some of features we love.


A built-in fridge fits perfectly behind a cupboard door for that stylish and sleek look.

A larder fridge is an under-counter fridge that doesn’t have an icebox. It just keeps your food chilled.

A mini-fridge is a small fridge that is best for drinks and wine. You can move themes whenever you want and can put them in the bedroom or living room.

Freestanding fridges vary in size, both height, and width, depending on the type you choose. Some mini fridges have 84cm height width of 55cm, and a depth of 59cm, but freestanding upright fridges have a height of 185cm, a width of 60cm, and 65cm.

We recommend leaving about 2-5 centimeters of space around your fridge.

No, you can’t keep your fridge in the garage due to high temperatures.

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Discover our favourite products with amazing cutting-edge technology in our featured range

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Discover our favourite products with amazing cutting-edge technology in our featured range

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