Gaming Monitors Buying Guide

A gaming monitor is fundamental to your gaming rig to enjoy the game world.

There are some significant things to look out for when buying a new gaming monitor, from the quality of the screen to how speedily it performs. Our useful buying guide will help you find the perfect spouse for your desktop because it plays an essential role in your gaming experience. 

Do you look at refresh rates, resolutions, monitor types, screen sizes, or sync support? We explore the many features that contribute to buying a perfect Gaming Monitor.


Choosing a screen with high-quality resolutions gives you a bigger playing field of the image. Most of the models come with full HD,but high-resolution HD screens will give you a superior experience during play

If you want to get a curved monitor, opt for models with WQHD. This resolution is specially designed to give you a picture that’s ideal for wider screens and full of excellent detail.

You can adjust the display of resolution while playing the games. Each monitor has an extreme resolution to get picture-perfect visuals vertically and horizontally as well. 

If you wish to play games at the high-resolution rig, go for a monitor that can support it.

Type of Panels

There are some kinds of consensus regarding the utility of different panel types used today. Every panel type has its own distinctive advantages and characteristics that help the buyers to choose the right monitor. 
Most gaming monitors use either TN (Twisted Nematic), VA (Vertical Alignment), or IPS (In-Plane Switching) panels today.

IPS panels deliver excellent color reproduction and larger viewing angles, while TN panels feature faster response times (<4ms) and are relatively cheaper but the VA panels offer the best of both worlds: speedy response times and lower costs compared to IPS panels; better color reproduction and viewing angles compared to TN panels.

Hence, gamers who are on a budget and want to play for fast-paced games on the gaming monitors’ then TN panels are ideal, while gamers who want to enhance their immersion and love elegant graphics should go for an IPS display.

So the VA displays are perfect for gamers who don’t like compromising too much on either front. VA is designed to fill your natural field of vision, surrounding you with incredible graphics. So, whether you’re accomplishing a good view of the battlefield, you’ll feel like you’re there.

Types of Panels | Geoffsclub
Response Time | Geoffsclub

Response Time

Response time is how fastly your screen’s pixels can transform from one color to another.  Response time can be measured in Milliseconds. 8 milliseconds is the standard for a computer monitor, but some gaming monitors go all the way down to a super-fast 1 millisecond.  In games, where actions tend to be slower, response times can lead to motion blur or “ghosted” images. For gaming, it’s suggested that your monitor’s response time is 5 ms or less.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is the number of times your screen refreshes per second, so a 60Hz monitor will refresh 60 times every second. Motion blur is one of the biggest problems that most gamers face on their screens. The best way to deal with this problem is to increase the refresh rate. However, that does not mean that increasing it to a very large figure is the best way.

Monitors come with a refresh rate of 60 H, 120 Hz, 144 Hz, and 240Hz, but 120Hz is the best and the most optimum refresh rate to go with for a seamless gaming experience & if you plan on taking advantage of cinema-like 3D. This is important because faster refresh rates will display motion with more precision and smoothness.

Refresh Rate | Geoffsclub

Free Sync Vs G-Sync

If you want to get an outstanding visuals display, go for G-Sync or FreeSync technology monitor. It will come with either G-Sync or FreeSync technology. Monitors equipped with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology and these adaptive technologies provide a smooth gaming experience, virtually free of stuttering, screen rending, and break.
G-Sync or FreeSync technology act as the bridge between the monitor and the graphics card. Both technologies work in similar ways, but you’ll need to pair them with the right kind of graphics card if you want the best results. Models with G-Sync are more suited to graphics cards from NVIDIA, while FreeSync works best with AMD. FreeSync, which is an AMD technology, uses the Adaptive-Sync standard built into the DisplayPort 1.2a specification. Because it’s part of the DisplayPort standard decided upon by the VESA consortium, any monitor with a DisplayPort 1.2a input is potentially compatible.

Each G-SYNC monitor is also NVIDIA certified, going through demanding to test for consistent quality and performance with the GeForce GTX gaming platform.

G-Sync | Geoffsclub
HDR | Geoffsclub

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

HDR technology delivers excellent contrast and color range of the existing pixels and improved color accuracy with more vivacious colors.

For gamers, monitors that support high dynamic range (HDR) content is the next step toward a more lifelike display. When you play a familiar game in HDR for the first time, you’ll likely notice more colors and detail, such as brighter highlights and deeper shadows.

HDR monitors can get much more optimistic than SDR ones. Gamers must have to choose Display HDR 600 or Display HDR 1000. Monitors with this feature will give you a more natural watching experience in the gaming world.

Curved Display

To get an ideal field of vision, gamers may place two monitors side by side, which is a feature that is supported by most high-end graphics cards.

Curve display comes down to that world we see so often in the gaming world—immersion. A curved screen offers the best watching experience while playing games; curved monitor gaming and streaming feel better, especially on your eyes.

Curved monitors keep all images central from your eyes. This increases immersion and saves your eyes from having to make micro-adjustments to view content at varying distances. It means improved eye comfort – especially during extended sessions as well. 
The best of both worlds can still be had with a curved monitor. The gentle bend allows for a wider field of vision, enveloping you and immersing you deeper into your game worlds. Curved monitors are also the best way to make a single display wider without forcing you to sit too far back; that’s why they make more sense for a desktop monitor than for a TV.

Curved Display | Geoffsclub
Get a Computer to Match | Geoffsclub

Get a Computer to Match

A gaming monitor with a good quality graphics card, a quick processor, and amply of RAM will provide you the best gaming experience.

If you have a gaming laptop but still want an immersive experience at home, you can go for a separate monitor and connect it via an HDMI cable that enables you to enjoy your games on a bigger screen with high resolution.

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