Iron Buying Guide

Irons are simple appliances that remove wrinkles and shrinkage and leaves clothes looking fresher and spick-and-span. Ironing also ideal to improve the quality of the fabrics and ensure a long life. Having sparkling and fresh clothes leaves you feeling better about yourself and boosts self-confidence.

Well! To get the freshest look go for an iron. Irons come in all different shapes and sizes with a range of features you might not have thought about. So, if you want little help to choose the right iron for you, then our informative buying guide leads you to the right decision.

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Iron Buying Guide | Geoffsclub

Which Iron Will be Best for Me?

Stream Iron | Geoffsclub

Stream Iron

Steam iron is like a dry iron with added features to generate steam. Steam iron helps to remove the wrinkles quickly. Steam soaks the fabric’s fibers, and the heat from the iron makes them stay in place.

Steam irons have a steam output and steam holes. Some have a steam output made up of hundreds of tiny holes, which gives out a great amount of steam. This allows you to have wrinkle-free clothes. Steam irons are ideal if you’re tackling smaller laundry heaps or prefer to iron as you go.

Stream Generator Iron

A steam generator iron is best suited to those who have bulky items to press and an exclusively high laundry pile. These are larger and bulkier than standard irons, so you need to factor in storage space.

These models come with separate water tanks, put out more steam at a higher pressure that allows you to get out deep creases and iron both sides of the garment at one once to get through everything quicker. Steam generator iron has two types non-pressurized and pressurized.

Stream generator Iron | Geoffsclub
Handheld Clothes Steamer | Geoffsclub

Handheld Clothes Steamer

Handheld clothes steamers are ideal because these take the wrinkles out of cloth without making contact with the fabric. These lightweight steamers let you iron your clothes vertically while on a hanger without having to pull out the ironing board. So, they’re perfect when you’re in a rush or just want to neaten up a smart shirt.

A Handheld steamer can be used on fabrics that are difficult to iron, such as a screen-printed shirt or a suit jacket, as well as great in smoothing out sleeves, creases, and ruffles in garments.

Which Iron Will be Best for Me?


This iron is an excellent choice to deliver heat quickly to the fabric & remove creases easily.


A high-quality, non-stick surface with a good heat-conducting capacity & distributes the heat evenly and has easy to maintain or clean surfaces.

Stainless Steel

These are durable material and good conductors of heat. They have spotless surfaces that are easy to maintain.


Palladium is nonstick irons combine powerful wrinkle-removing steam performance with the convenience of a nonstick plate that makes ironing easier.

Key Features to Look Out for


Anti-Drip stops water from leaking onto clothes when the iron is on a low heat setting. When the temperature of your iron is insufficient to create steam, the supply of water is cut off automatically, so no need to worry about unwanted wet.


Everything is battery-operated these days; the cordless iron is simple and set you free to set up your ironing board wherever you want without getting frustrated by short cords that won’t stretch to reaches of your ironing board.

Automatic Shut-off

Automatic Shut-Off - When you forget to turn off or dealing with something this hot, this feature turns your iron off.


The wattage determines how powerful your iron will be & the higher the wattage rating, the better will be the generation of heat, which will help you in ironing even the heavy fabrics.


This is a self-cleaning feature. The anti-calcium can be a valve that acts as a filter that you need to clean from time to time, or it can be an integrated system in-built into the unit.

Easy-glide Solepates

if you’re into organic cotton or deluxe silk, your pieces will be in safe hands with the special soleplate that glides easily over all fabrics, so you’ll never have to worry about dragging.

Vertical Stream

Vertical steam removes wrinkles from hanging garments and freshen drapes.

Continuous Stream

Higher rated steam will give you continuous steam take longer to get the job done. Steam rate is usually measured in grams per minute, and it will remove wrinkles, eventually.


Self-cleaning is a very useful function fill your iron up with water and press the self-clean button. Now your iron will wash away the dust to keep the iron in spick-and-span condition.

Conventional Temperature Control

Temperature control that's clearly marked and easily accessible, the temperature control button lets you control the temperature.

Things to Consider


The overall weight of the iron is most crucial to consider. A lightweight iron is easy to move around and comfortable to control. But the problem is you will have to apply more pressure when there are harder creases to get rid of. Most of the higher end irons are on, the heavier side. They are more solid, and the weight helps to remove the creases quickly. But they are maybe heavy for the hands while you hold it upright for vertical steaming. So check the weight in the product specifications before you buy it.

Water Tank

The important consideration is the water tank’s size; some can fill about 6 ounces of water while others can go up to 12 ounces. Look for irons with a bigger tank if possible if you have a huge pile to get through but keep in mind it is heavier iron. So, you must have to go for a  decent-sized tank that suits your needs when you opt for a new iron.

Power Cord Length

The longer the length of the cord, the more room you’ll have to move. Get an iron with a spin cord, if possible, for more flexible cord movement to minimize stress on the wire.


This is the part of the iron that comes into contact with your clothes, so it’s imperative to go for the best soleplate that distributes heat and steam eventually and can easily move on the clothes.

Features We Love

From auto-dosing washing machines to models that use steam to clean your clothes, here are some of features we love.


These features to look out for to help you make the best decision. Good quality, soleplate. Wattage. Ergonomic handle and controls, soleplate. Length/type of power cord. The number of steam holes. Weight of the iron. Ease of filling the water tank.

Pressurized steam generator iron has boilers that deliver the powerful force and penetrates deeper into the most stubborn creases.

You can check out our product page with all specification that helps you to choose the right product.

Self-cleaning iron is the iron that has a self-cleaning function button. When you press the button and hold the iron on the sink, the iron will wash out dust and limescale and keep your iron in the best condition.

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