Laptop Buying Guide

If you are going to buy a laptop or want to play games, stream movies or stay connected while traveling, there a bunch of things to be considered. Start reading the buying guide for the perfect laptop by looking at all of the most important features to consider.

Types of Laptop

Types of Laptop | Geoffsclub
Windows | Geoffsclub


Windows laptops are the most powerful operating system, which assists you in getting maximum performance and gives excellent features in a modern design. Windows laptops are not only ideal for working but also the best choice for gamer.

Chromebook | Geoffsclub


Chromebook is a multi-function PC operating system with a simple interface that’s like an android mobile phone that did everything from data storage, boot the system, and sort. Chromebooks allow you to experience new types of laptops.

2-in-1 Laptop | Geoffsclub


The 2-in-1 computer is a high-powered laptop that can easily be converted into a fun and functional touch.  2-in-1 laptop offer features such as a touchscreen and a foldable or attachable display to make it stress-free for watching shows and movies.

Gaming Laptop | Geoffsclub


The best laptop for gaming is a combination of graphics, RAM, processor speed, and sharp screen display. A gaming laptop will have turbo boost frequency, maximum configuration, and a high end up GPU  card. Just come to the gaming laptop &   spend the rest of your life playing the games. 

Macbooks | Geoffsclub


Macbooks are the most attractive devices built to the highest standards, with premium, elegant styling, almost fanatical attention to detail, and high-quality performance. The MacBook Pro is the most capable Apple laptop, a combination of speedy CPUs with powerful audio and an attractive display.

The new MacBook Air provides almost everything you could want in an Apple laptop. MacBook air light and thin, and the display bezels are relatively narrow. 

The best addition to the MacBook Air is the Magic Keyboard, which is more relaxed and reliable to use

Operating System

Windows 10 | Geoffsclub


 If you have ever used PCs, then most probably you have used windows. Windows is the most popular operating system, and you may use it ever. Most mid-range to flagship laptops come with Windows operating system. You can perform all tasks from the basic need to corporate requirements. Most content creators and gamers prefer Windows OS. Word processing software is used to manipulate a text document on windows laptops. Windows also offer excellent accountability with Accountability software.

Apple OS

Mac OSx supports Apple MacBook. Specially designed for apple hardware runs on. OS comes with the modern & entire suits of beatifically designed apps & interface. Its builds-up keeping privacy & security in mind to Get a Premium experience with elevated performance. It makes your Mac work as a mystic with your apple devices.

Chrome Logo | Geoffsclub


Chrome OS is an operating system & basically a web browser at its Core. It’s based on Linux and is open-source, which also means it’s free to use. Chrome comes upon all Chromebook laptops. Chrome is a unique & prompt OS system that has a desktop environment similar to the one you get on Windows computers. This is ready to use OS and have quick access to the apps, watch videos, scroll through Facebook, and other social networks like an app…

Screen Size

Screen Size | Geoffsclub

Screen Matter

Picking the right laptop screen size. There are many different configurations out there with a range of sizes that will perfectly fit your lifestyle. The 12-14 size laptops are portable & lightweight. A small screen laptop occupies less space & ideal to go on with you. Its primary goals are to handle lighter workloads like email, spreadsheets, and video streaming. 14-16 inch screen size laptops are easier to carry around & best for daily use. If you're a professional animator, videographer, or engineer, 16+ screen size is perfect for getting the heavier performance you need and for being able to see more on-screen.

Performance and Specs

That’s very important to pick the right specs to get maximum performance from your laptop. Things that matters are most likely: ram, processor, SSD, etc. for buyers, so their laptop does what they want to do. It Depends on the nature of work what configurations suit your environment. You need to be careful while picking a laptop, especially components like processor, memory, storage, and graphics.


The processor is an essential part of the computer. CPU is the processor which has a significant influence on performance & consider it the Brain of the computer. The Intel & AMD are the two most popular CPU makers. The primary purpose of the processor is to run programs as fastly & provide perfect performance. Intel comes in the variety of cores, each offering a range in performance & power. The latest 10th generation processors deliver standout performance with new integrated graphics chips, improved versions capabilities, and 4K HDR.

Processor | Geoffsclub


Intel processors allow you to perform multitask. It’s all about Core & Core™ i9 processors are most commanding for handling the latest games or video editing software. If you want the best performance, then picking the one with the fastest processor speed and the most cores, the Core™ M, i3, i5, and i7 processors are best for multitasking with premium performance. Intel Pentium / Celeron is perfect for fast web browsing & smooth app use. Intel Xeon is a Potent and expensive processor for large mobile workstations. If you do professional engineering, 3D modeling, or video editing, you must have a Xeon. Atom® is also the best processor with high speed.  The Latest Intel 10th generation processor is also providing excellent connectivity with new integrated graphics chips, Thunderbolt 3, and Wi-Fi 6 support.

AMD Processor | Geoffsclub


AMD is the most popular AMD processors that form the Ryzen series. If you are a content creator or a professional gamer, it gives you a clear vision AMD are APUs (accelerated processing units) that maximize the base level of graphical capability & makes the overall user experience better. Most significantly, it means you don’t have to buy a separate graphics card.

Memory | Geoffsclub


Memory is an essential system of computing systems. If you have ever faced difficulty in running a program, it's all because of insufficient RAM. RAM (Random Access Memory) is also referred to as system memory. It temporarily carries software and files in current use. It enables the processor to access data much faster in comparison to accessing data on storage devices such as a hard drive (HDD) or solid-state drive (SSD). If you want to buy a laptop just for browsing the Internet and watching video 4GB to 6 GB RAM is best, but if you wish for professional use, gaming, and heavy work, then 8GB RAM is perfect. If you want your laptop to be able to flawlessly accomplish more demanding tasks at once, like graphic design, and art programming, you must have 16 GB of laptop RAM.



Most of the laptops feature the HDDs or hard disk drives with sufficient storage support. All laptops have a hard drive & it can store any data, including pictures, music, videos, text documents, and any files created or downloaded. Also, 1TB (terabyte, 1,000 gigabytes) hard drives store files for the operating system and software programs that run on the computer.


SSD  store frequently used data, so you can speed up boot times and make the programs you use most often load faster. They're a good compromise if your wallet can't stretch to an SSHD. SSD  uses semiconductor chips, not magnetic media, to store data. Today all laptops come with chips, of course. HDDs are cheaper, and you can get more storage space. SSDs, however, are faster, lighter, more durable, and use less energy.

Storage | Geoffsclub

Additional Storage Options


Confused about which type of storage is best for your laptop? SSHDs (solid-state hybrid drive) is prospectively to be the best choice for you. An SSHD is mainly a hard drive and SSD in one to get fast & reliable data access. SSHD will also make your laptop boot quicker. If you want the most significant amount of storage and high performance, just go for an SSHD.

Embedded Multimedia Card (eMMC)

"eMMC" is a type of flash storage you'll find in cheap tablets and laptops. It's slower and less expensive than an SSD. If you don't need speed & just want more space, then eMMC id the best choice because It has ample storage space than SSD.

Graphics Card | Geoffsclub


Do you love to play? No need to worry! Most of the laptops will have graphics cards & chips to provide the best visual to the gamer. You can buy two types of cards like integrated & GPU. GPU card is used for more demanding tasks with comfort. Get a card with at least 4GB, and preferably 6GB or more for gaming at 1080p. If you're a gamer, designer, and video editor, very high resolutions such as 4K, 8GB, or more are ideal. If you use your laptop for just general computing, Office applications, and browsing the web, then you can buy an integrated graphics card.


Softwares will come pre-installed on every laptop & you can use it to get your work done, run entertainment programs, and browse the Internet. Software programs called functions exist to keep your laptop in shape. An antivirus program is an example of software used to spot and erase viruses from your system also includes some functions, such as Disk Cleanup to free up wasted space on your hard drive or the Windows Defender program. If you want some additional security software to make secure your laptop, you can free download on google. Another bit of essential software that is useful for both personal and professional use is Microsoft Office – with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and much more.

Software | Geoffsclub
laptop Accessories | Geoffsclub


A laptop may be superior when it comes to everything you need right in the box. It is essential to choose the right gear, whether you are buying the laptop as a gift or even for yourself. If you are always in a rush or frequently go for traveling, then accessories are the best setup for your laptop. You can get enjoy listening to the songs or watching movies in a noisy place with speakers or handset while having a mouse that allows the best control. You can take all accessories with you in a case or bag. You must have all accessories with your laptop to get rid of any inconvenience.

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