Smart Lighting Buying Guide

Now home automation is a growing trend & everyone is connected to the Internet 24/7. Smart lighting technology lets you the option to control your lights from anywhere. It can centralize all the lights in their home into one system. Then you can control lights from their tablet or smartphone. Once set up, you can remotely turn the lights on or off, dim them and even change color, wherever you are.

Our handy guide helps you understand what smart lights are and what key features to consider when buying smart lighting for your home.

What are Smart Lights | Geoffsclub

What are Smart Lights?

Smart lighting is lighting that you can control from an app, usually on your Apple or Android phone.

The app allows you to change the brightness of the bulbs, and if the bulbs have colored LEDs, you can also change their colors. That opens up a whole world of possibilities, which you can call simple recipes: you might have one simple recipe for watching movies, one for mealtime, and one for learning. Switching from one recipe to another is as easy as tapping a smartphone or calling your favorite voice assistant.

Smart lighting also has a variety of different configurations, from your standard bulbs to LED light lines to outdoor flooding, and many more. Many lamps are smarter and can illuminate more than any other color imaginable (up to 16 million+ different shades), and, being LEDs, often require much less electricity than traditional light bulbs. With reduced electricity costs and an average life expectancy of 25,000 hours, the initial cost of smart lights is worth it.

Why Install Smart Lights?

There are a lot of ways for how smart lighting can be used in your home, but most people choose smart lights because:

  • Smart lights are more convenient than other lights.
  • These are energy efficient
  • Ideal for safety and security
Why Install Smart Lights | Geoffsclub

Smart lighting can automatically illuminate a sidewalk, porch, or hallway, so you never have to stroll around in the dark again. If you’re looking for something to light your way to the door, consider smart lights, which works like a regular bulb with existing outdoor fixtures but also includes a built-in motion sensor. So when someone or something is lurking outside, this bulb can trigger other smart-home devices, like indoor bulbs, to scare off any miscreants. 

Smart lights create a little ambiance. Color-adjustable smart lighting is used to transform any room. They’re easy to install and use, and they don’t buzz. And you can dim them and tune them to any color, so they not only match one another but are less harsh on your eyes. They can also be fun and festive, adding colors (to reflect your mood or a holiday theme) or pulling tricks (like syncing with music to create a disco effect).

In the case of Energy and Efficiency, consider a scenario where you want your outside light to be on when you reach home after dark. Since smart lights are app-controlled, you can easily turn them on before leaving your car when you pull into the driveway.

Key Features of Smart Lights

Smart lighting has many key features to look at while purchasing smart lighting.

Remote Management via App Control | Geoffslcub

Remote Management via App Control:

Smart light setup is the ability to control your lights through an app that enables you to turn your lights on or off from anywhere at any time.

Voice Assistant Compatibility | Geoffsclub

Voice Assistant Compatibility:

If you have voice assistance, you can control your smart lights with a simple voice command. Devices such as Google Home & the Amazon Echo let you manage not just your smart lighting but numerous other smart devices in your smart home collection.

Integration with Other Smart Products | Geoffsclub

Integration with Other Smart Products:

Smart lights today can integrate with other smart devices as part of a broader smart home ecosystem.

Variety Colors | Geoffsclub

Variety Colors:

Smart lighting comes with enormous 16.8 million diverse color tones for you to achieve any mood imaginably. When you want a different color palette, you can easily choose it from within the dedicated app of most smart lighting products.

Ambiance | Geoffsclub


Smart lights can also enhance the ambiance of your home. They offer the flexibility to change the color, brightness, and overall ambiance of the lighting in any room according to your mood or desire.

Brightness Adjustability | Geoffsclub

Brightness Adjustability:

You can adjust the lights’ brightness via your smartphone & you don’t need to walk across the room again just to adjust your lighting.

Solar Powered | Geoffsclub

Solar Powered:

Most of the smart outdoor lights can capture the sunlight and convert that sunlight into energy to charge a built-in battery. The battery powers the lights the whole night.

Water Resistance | Geoffsclub

Water Resistance:

Smart lightings are water resistant & come with an IP56 rating; you’ll never have to worry about the rain. There are even smart lights designed for use in the bathroom that offer a water resistance rating of IP44 as well.

Smart Sensors | Geoffsclub

Smart Sensors:

Some smart lights have built-in sensors similar to standard night lights & smart lights come on automatically when getting dark and go off again when the sun rises, so all smart most of the smart lights work the same.

Easy Installation | Geoffsclub

Easy Installation:

Most smart lighting is easy to install. Just download an app and follow instructions, and enjoy the smart lighting experience at your home.

Circadian Mode | Geoffsclub

Circadian Mode:

Some smart lights have a special Circadian Mode that enthusiastically adjusts their temperature and power to imitator the conditions and natural lighting patterns in a 24-hour cycle.

Real-Time Energy Usage Tracking | Geoffsclub

Real-Time Energy Usage Tracking:

Some smart lighting lets you track your power consumption through the lights via a compatible smartphone and app.

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