Tablet and E-reader Buying Guide

People are different because of thinking & interest, so they suppose different experiences from an e-reader or tablet as well. 

When you are thinking of buying a tablet, the most important features you don’t have to overlook like screen size, usability, pixels, battery life, connectivity, adjustable brightness, and sharing support.

 If you want to read a pile of books on a device that’s relaxed for the eyes, then buy an E-reader, but you want a small computing device to email, browse, watch and use multiple apps come to the tablet. 

We’ve covered you with a tablet & E-reader buying guide that helps you to make the right choice.

Types of Tablets

Types of Tablets | Geoffsclub
iPads | Geoffsclub


iPad does what a laptop does but in more in-built ways. With the iPad, you get what you need on a computer, as well as many good things you never expect. iPad has advanced features, Appledesigned chips that transform how you experience photos, gaming, and amplified reality. A lot of the higher-end models can beat some laptops, iPad is exceptionally thin and so light & ideal for carrying out on the go.

Android | Geoffsclub


All top-notch brands like Samsung, Lenovo, and Huawei are models of Android tablets.  Android tablets are come up with a user-friendly interface. Super and easy to use, so it shares many of the same great apps and features.

Designed to complement the MultiTouch experience & it’s familiar to use but makes for an exclusively new experience with all species of premium knick-knacks.

Amazon Fire | Geoffsclub

Amazon Fire

Amazon Fire tablets are high-profile, ultra-affordable tablets around the world. 

Whether you need a travel-friendly tablet or something ideal for the kids so fire tablets are also incredibly functional, reasonably accomplished in Alexa built-in.

2-in-1 | Geoffsclub


A 2-in-1 model might be just the thing you’re looking for. 2 in 1 table are reliable. They allow you to work on any project or play any game anywhere you’d love to. You can use it as a regular laptop by flipping it around.  2-in-1 tablet is amazingly lightweight, ultra-thin, and much easier to whip out and use in a flash.

Kindles and E-readers| Geoffsclub

Kindles and E-readers

Is your favorite hobby book reading? Do you love Book reading? Well! Amazon Kindles and E-readers are ideal for people who enjoy reading but do not want to carry around a bundle of books and then have to reuse them when they have been read. It is a reflective technology & much easier to read in sunlight than a normal tablet because its screen looks like a page & can store hundreds of electronic books. Get everything except the new book smell.

Operating System

Apple ISO | Geoffsclub

Apple IOS

If you have ever used an iPhone, then you have already used iOS. iOS comes up with Siri, a personal voice assistant, as a central messaging system. 

Apple iOS is well designed for stress-free, smooth networking between Apple products. 

iOS, including Apple Watch, iPod touch, and iPad supports peer-to-peer connectivity, which is the technical way of delivering that all apple devices can connect directly via a Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth.

Android | Geoffsclub


Android is a powerful operating system that supports a bunch of applications in Smartphones. These applications are more advanced & comfortable for users.

Android is a Linux based and open-source OS that will come pre-installed & developed by Google for use in all of its touchscreen devices, tablets, and cell phones. It allows downloading all types of the app on the google play store.

Windows | Geoffsclub


Windows operating systems used almost 90% of laptops, and the computer runs some versions of Windows, So you are already familiar with windows. The best Windows tablets will influence even the biggest cynic. Windows boast enough power for more than just casual gaming and social media. It’s completely stretchy, so you can easily use it with a keyboard or just let your fingers touch.

FireOS | Geoffsclub


FireOS is created by amazon & used in fire phones or tablets. Fire OS is based on android & has a customized user interface, but it does not have google apps because Amazon has its own app,  like l Audible, Prime Video, and Kindle pre-installed ready to go. So you are limited to the Amazon app store.

Types of Tablets

Screen Size

The size of the screen ranges from 7 to 10. 7 size tablets are more portable, small, lightweight & perfect to fit easily into a purse as well as ideal for kids. 8-inch mid-size screen size tablets are best for both worlds; they are close to portability and enough to be productive. The 10-inch size screen is the best high-end gaming, long videos, and popular for being exceptional at the standard tablet tasks, also best for corporate applications & carried by millions of business travelers.

Screen Resolution

Screen resolution is expressed as the number of pixels on the screen measures horizontally or vertically. Higher-resolution resolutions are perfect for watching videos, viewing photos, and browsing the web & provide the best quality of the picture. Most of the tablets come up with full HD to have fun with shows and movies.

Processing Power

Most people overlook the processor while buying the laptop; however, the CPU for a tablet controls how fast it is and what types of apps it can run. So you just have to take a look at how much RAM is required to get high performance. If you are a game lover or a graphic designer, then a higher up processor is necessary.


Consider the tablet connectivity before purchasing the tablet. All our tablets are Wi-Fi supported to download apps and to make a call to your loved ones. They’ll also have a port to charge up, USB & headphone ports. Make sure you know exactly what type of accessories you can use the tablet with.


You can install different sorts of apps as per your interest. Tablets come up with many pre-installed apps that allow you to watch movies, listen to music, write a novel, edit photos & videos, and play games. You can get a lot of inspirations, hacks, and decorations ideas by using multiple apps. You’ll have to jump through more loops to install more apps like YouTube &  TikTok.

Battery Life

If you spend most of the time traveling or out of the home, then tablet battery life is most important to keep in mind while making the purchase. Battery life will differ based on what you’re using the tablet for. Our tablets will give you 15 hours of battery life, making it influential and capable of making the right choice.

Tablets for Children | Geoffsclub

Tablets for Children

When you are going to buy a tablet for your child, hardware specs like a fast processor aren't the significant qualities to be considered. Things to consider durability and the availability of parental controls are more useful pre-installed apps & kid-friendly content is also important. Just discover the tablet, which makes your child happy and helping and in learning new things. They come in a range of bold & attractive colors and are made to withstand a lot of accidents.

Features We Love

From auto-dosing washing machines to models that use steam to clean your clothes, here are some of features we love.


It is all about your preference. If you want to read comfortably, watch movies, type out documents with a separate keyboard, and use standard productivity apps, you might want to consider a larger tablet with at least 12 hours of battery life.

It’ll be hard for a lot of tablets to compete for the power of a laptop or a desktop PC, but if you need a bit of tech to use while you’re out and about, a portable tablet will sort your needs and choose according to your needs.

Unless you don’t use your tablet much, you may find 8 or 16 GB to be a little too constraining for your needs, so you’ll probably want to pay a little more and get at least 32GB of storage space — or look for one with an onboard SD card slot.

We’d say about 10 – 15 hours is a good amount of battery life for a tablet. That’s enough for a standard working day, plus a bit of extra time to entertain yourself on the commute.

You can, however, access a printer from your Android tablet by installing a printing application. You can choose to install a printer app that is specific to your model of printer. You can select an app that will print directly to your device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, like the PrinterShare app.

You can connect in different ways, connect, and find the HDMI ports on your TV and tablet. Take note of the size of these ports. TVs typically have full-size HDMI ports, while tablets can have mini ports. You’ll need an adapter if your tablet doesn’t have an HDMI port. Or you can use tech like Google’s Chromecast or Apple’s AirPlay, which lets you watch videos from apps like YouTube or Netflix on your TV while you use your tablet as a remote.

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Discover our favourite products with amazing cutting-edge technology in our featured range

Feature We Love >

Discover our favourite products with amazing cutting-edge technology in our featured range

Feature We Love >

Discover our favourite products with amazing cutting-edge technology in our featured range

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